Somehow got talked into seeing a midnight showing of MP:HG tonight. Here's a running commentary of my thoughts.
  1. Wow. It's late.
  2. Oh, there's actually quite a few people here. That'll be fun.
  3. I'm gonna take my winter coat off. So weird because it was literally 70 degrees two days ago.
  4. At least it still fits!
  5. Ok, previews starting. Random guy and I both laugh over #carol.
  6. The people behind us are a little chatty.
  7. Trailer for Rambo movie is hilarious. They should do this on How Did This Get Made.
  8. Movie starting! Come on, you can do this!
  9. Oh no.
  10. Oh no.
  11. Guy behind me is discussing every joke.
  12. Laughing at everything.
  13. Humming along with the music.
  14. Mansplaining the jokes to his date.
  15. Oh god.
  16. Guy in the corner is also talking.
  17. Goddammit.
  18. It's really cold in here.
  19. Maybe if I slide down in my seat...
  20. ...
  21. ...
  22. ...
  23. (Intermittently fall asleep throughout the movie, wake up, fall asleep. Repeat)
  24. The only good thing about sleeping is that it's a reprieve from the guy's talking behind us.
  25. I wish I had the balls to confront him.
  27. Pay up. You owe me $14 for the movie you just ruined.
  28. Do you think that you're in your living room and throwing a party with a bunch of strangers?
  29. Shhhhh!
  30. In order to be a Monty Python fan, do you have to be able to quote every line? Oh you don't? Fuuuuuuck youuuuu.
  31. Fuck off.
  32. ✨end sub-list✨
  33. The rest of the movie I spent mostly awake and fighting with my contacts, which were trying to escape my eyes.
  34. In summary
  35. I might be too old for this shit.
  36. Or I really just don't care about Monty Python the way that most of the people did there.
  37. (One guy even came in costume, with like horns on his head).
  38. Good for you. Not for me.