Pro/Con list of how I am when I'm sick, which is my current situation.
  1. Pro: my Tina Belcher impression is on point.
  2. Con: dry lips from all my mouth breathing
  3. Pro: getting out of doing stuff!
    "In terms of like instant relief, cancelling plans is like heroin." - John Mulaney
  4. Con: getting out of stuff you actually wanted to do.
    Sorry friend's kid's first birthday party. The bonus being at least you won't remember any if it!
  5. Pro: my bed is my best friend. No one understands me like bed.
  6. Con: I keep running too hot and too cold at the same time.
    Never 100% comfortable. Always a little sweaty.
  7. Con: sick mouth.
    Nothing tastes right and there's a weird taste I didn't ask for when I'm not eating.
  8. Con: I get real snacky when I'm sick
    Who are these people that lose weight when they get a cold? I want to eat ev.ery.thing.
  9. Pro: using sick days at work!
  10. Con: oh god, I used those sick days at work and now I have to catch up.
  11. Con: the amount of people that tell me I don't look good or some variation of that.
    I respond I'm fine! while I'm dying inside.
  12. Ugh trash body, just let me sleep away my misery.