Buckle in kids, it's a weird ride!
  1. May 2010: take a paid summer internship at place of business.
    This is also the year before I graduated. Heard about it through my mom's friend. Yay connections!
  2. November 2010: I am asked back to work as a temp, but I ask if I can put it off until January.
    I thought I was taking my last semester (I ended up taking one more semester after dropping a class) and I wanted to have one last winter break. Solid move on my part.
  3. January 2011: begin work as a temp and also finish college in April.
    Work is surprisingly cool and flexible.
  4. November 9, 2011: get hired full time, reap benefits and raise.
    Amazing because over the summer I had moved out and ended up accidentally living paycheck to paycheck.
  5. March 12, 2013: company declared bankruptcy, lose job.
    Literally walked into work one day and everyone was laid off. That is a list for another day, but holy shit. Devastating.
  6. April 1, 2013: return back to place of business due to bankruptcy court
    3 weeks after we'd all been let go, we were asked to come back. Business was in the process of being bought & judge declared business worthless without anyone working there. Came back to work and when sale was finalized, everyone received a 5% raise.
  7. December 5, 2014: a meeting is held at work to tell employees that there are going to be mass lay offs.
    I had taken a half day that day and missed the meeting. Management says they're going to tell everyone via email the next day.
  8. December 6, 2014: am informed by email that I am no longer employed.
    Lots of cursing ensued. Again, another list for another time.
  9. Unemployed through December, but go on job interviews
    I was paid through December, so I wasn't super worried about it. Mostly depressed.
  10. January 2015: get a job at a paper shredding company through a friend.
    Take a big pay cut, but it was a job.
  11. January-April 2015: hate paper shredding job.
    Haaaaated it. A lot more customer service than I was used to, worked in a very sexist environment. Had my boss tell me she wouldn't blame me if I left. I was crying all the time - it was awful.
  12. End of April 2015
    Received an email from old coworker that she was leaving company where I lost my job. She recommended me to our boss' boss, who had taken over our old team. I become slightly hopeful.
  13. April 27, 2015: turn in 2 weeks notice to shredding company.
    Only wanted to work 1 week, but got talked into full 2 weeks. Longest 2 weeks everrrr.
  14. May 11, 2015: jump back into old job
    But it's better than it has ever been. Got my benefits back, a lot of crazy people were flushed out of the last layoff. Assume more/new responsibility due to structural shifting and yeah, even though there are bad days, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  15. What's next?
    Honestly, I don't know. The company is doing well, but if I ever leave, I want it to be on my terms. I've been anxious for the last couple of weeks because the year anniversary is coming up of what happened last year. Everything should be fine (have been assured by multiple upper management people), but you know. I've been burned a couple of times. So here's to thinking positive for a better future. 😎