Inspired by @hermionegranger | on a work day. Let's do this.
  1. Alarm goes off somewhere around 6 am.
    I have wild dreams of getting up and working out in the morning. What actually happens is multiple hitting of the snooze.
  2. Actually get up between 7:30-45ish.
    Generally awake and doing all the social media checks plus reading The Skimm so I know what's happening in the world.
  3. Go to bathroom.
  4. Figure out if I have time for a full shower or just wash my hair.
    Most days it's full shower.
  5. Put in contacts
    My brand! MY BRAND!
  6. After shower, put on moisturizer (Trader Joe's coconut oil) and eye primer (not always).
    Eye primer is when I have time to do my eye makeup. So like...3 for 5.
  7. Brush my teeth so everything sets
  8. Blow dry my hair so most of the moisture is gone, then style with a round brush.
  9. Makeup routine
    Foundation (currently a Mary Kay CC cream), blush, mascara are my musts. Lipstick if it's not sitting on desk at work. Eyes if I have time - currently going back and forth between Naked 2 palette and a Sephora palette.
  10. Get dressed.
    Try to find socks that match. Try to find a shirt that is not that wrinkled. Succeeded on 1 of these fronts today.
  11. At this point, realize I am not going to be on time.
    My office is super chill, but I am not an adult who has time management skills mastered yet.
  12. Try to put together food for breakfast and maybe lunch?
    Usually say fuck it on the lunch part and go out. Need to recalibrate plan for winter.
  13. Leave apartment, usually at time I'm supposed to be at work.
  14. Arrive to work, scroll through email, chat with coworkers.
  15. Go make breakfast, usually a yogurt concoction.
  16. Start actually working between 9:20-30ish.