Inspired by @kate81 | February 11
  1. Jennifer Aniston
    Birthday soulmate. Jen, let's go out for birthday tacos and trade secrets about your hair.
  2. Matthew Lawrence
    The superior of the Lawrence bros. Can we have a birthday date where I watch you eat cupcakes and then I accidentally on purpose brush my hand through your hair? (...did I just low key turn into Tina Belcher there for a minute?)
  3. Taylor Lautner
    Man, that werewolf thing was hot for a sec, huh?
  4. Kelly Rowland
    I mean, it's not Beyoncé, but whatever. Aren't we all in Queen B's shadow?
  5. Brandy
    I feel like 90s-me is more impressed with this than current-me. Although I just remembered her amazing version of Cinderella.
  6. Thomas Edison
    Thanks for the light bulb, but everything else I've read about you makes you out to be a real dick.
  7. Sheryl Crow
    I got to see a free concert of hers once for a charity thing and it's still one of the most surprisingly enjoyable concerts I've ever attended. She was so relaxed and fun between songs and her hair was spectacular. I bet Jen Aniston shared all the hair secrets with her.
  8. Sarah Palin
  9. Jeb! Bush
    What the fuck.