Stuff I listen to and then yell at other people that they should listen too. They respond with absorption blinks and polite head nods. I can feel their attention wandering, but am vindicated by own personal taste.
  1. Baby Geniuses
    This one is so fun, smart, & silly. Hosted by @EmilyHeller & Lisa Hanawalt, they talk about their lives, Wikipedia articles, & Ben Chunch (Martha Stewart's horse). They bring guests on to talk about what they're experts in and it's such a cool way to get to know people. Fave eps: Guy Branum, Ron Funches, @ClaudiaODoherty
  2. Totally Beverages
    I followed Andy over from Totally Laime into this crazy world of beverages. I can't believe I love this podcast as much as I do because you wouldn't think beverages would be that interesting. But Andy & Josh are so hilarious together and take it 100% seriously that they make me think a lot about my beverage profile. Favorite eps: Artemis Pebdami, @kulap, Ellen Fairey, and Jon Gabrus
  3. Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia
    The most fun concept for a podcast, I wish I thought of it first. It's like hanging out with your best friends and gabbing all night long (also these two ladies should be on The List App stat - definitely would make their (good) Fuck That segment). Fave eps: solo eps, Tony Hale, Milana Vayntrub, Jackie O'Lashes Johnson, The Oatmeal
  4. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
    I love going for walks and listening to this. Grace is completely charming and comes up with the silliest questions that lead into goofy conversations and I can't help but laugh along. Perfectly dumb podcast (in the best way possible). Favorite eps: Mitchell Davis, Mamrie Hart, Nikki Limo, Steve Zaragoza, Hannah Hart, Elliott Morgan
  5. Mystery Show
    I've seen a lot of listers list this, which makes me so happy. The concept is great - solving mysteries without the use of the Internet. The only problem is that there are only 6 episodes so when you're done you'll just be begging for more. Fave eps: they're all great but Britney & Source Code are the best so far.