I wish I had a better title, but eh.
  1. Drink more water on the weekends
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    I hydrate pretty well during the week because it's easy to stare at my Tervis on my desk. Time to step it up when I'm away from the office.
  2. Get better at budgeting
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    2015 was a learning year. Just keep in mind that buying experiences is better than buying things, but if you're buying things make sure they are good quality. Also, check in with your financial planner more. He's got your back.
  3. Less phone time
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    I'm addicted, it's a problem. Maybe time to institute an electronic shut off point?
  4. Make the bed every morning
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    I've done it every day this week and it feels so good when I get home. Love it.
  5. Start having a morning & night routine
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    I.e. Not rushing around in the morning and actually get out of bed like a grown up. Declutter and wash your face before you go to bed. You can do it, girl.
  6. Read 25 books
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    I signed up for a library card and I'm so pumped to get into this; I've been scouring Goodreads like a maniac. I loved reading as a kid and I think this will help with cutting down on my phone time.
  7. Start a gratitude journal
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    My anxiety has really gone up over the last couple of years and I think it would help to step back and realize that life is pretty good. Also, it doesn't hurt to be reminded of everything there is to be grateful for.
  8. Exercise for health and stress relief
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    I need to exercise for my health, bottom line. I have gotten to a really unhealthy weight again and it's frustrating. But I need to approach exercise as something good for me and as a habit to keep in my life forever, not just a temporary fix. My initial goal is 3x a week and then to see where it goes from there.
  9. Continue decluttering/organizing the apartment
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    I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up this year and it really shifted my perspective on all the crap I keep around. So much of it is so unnecessary and it feels amazing when everything is in its place.
  10. Try yoga
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    It'll be good for your mind and body. Your body has been hurting with your stupid back issues and you could probably calm down. Look into it. And maybe set a goal for doing the splits? Crazier things have happened.
  11. Dating
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    Hey, this would be great if it happened. Time to step up.
  12. Pamper nights
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    Take the time to take care of myself. Do my nails, hair treatments, skin treatments, exfoliate. These things feel great when they happen, but it's so infrequent. Treat yo self 2016.
  13. No more pop (or soda, if you're wrong)
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    It's terrible for you and not worth it. Staaaaaahp.
  14. Put myself out there
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    Romantically, professionally, and in life in generally. I'm tired of being scared, of being worried, of maybe getting turned down. Decisions are made by those who show up and I need to give myself the benefit of the doubt.
  15. Relax
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    Breathe in, breathe out. You got this.