More of just a personal list for me. But my BFF and I work together and she & her fiancé are off in London and we got to talk on Facebook for a little bit.
  1. I jokingly yelled at her for sending me Candy Crush invites
    You're in LONDON. The candy kingdom can wait.
  2. Europe has wifi, a fact BFF seemed surprised by.
    London has good wifi, especially at the hotel. Spain does not, according to her sister.
  3. Museums close there at 4:30 and everything else closes around 6.
    Sounds super 1950s America to me
  4. Lots of transportation options, but also tons of walking.
  5. They get away with a lot more on British tv then they do here.
    That's what you get when your country is founded by Puritans.
  6. I made a joke about Hamilton and caps locked lyrics at her.
    She laughed and said even though it was fun, she really missed America.
  7. I didn't want to talk to her about work because she's on vacation.
    Which was really hard because we have a contest going on at work that has caused extra work for our team (nice timing for her to be gone) and I've been working overtime every day. Hard to come up with things to talk about when your work takes up most of your life at that moment.
  8. We talked about my mom being sick instead.
    Poor thing has the beginning of bronchitis, but she's getting better 😷
  9. We both yelled about how much we missed each other.
    And then it was over because it was almost 11 pm there and it was dinner time here.
  10. 🇱🇷🇦🇺