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This year what I want as a gift is...
  1. For my bangs not to grow as fast
  2. Million dollar gift card for my book wish list
  3. Million dollar gift card for my liquor wish list
4 more...
  1. A scientist
    Dexter's Laboratory....thank you for that
  2. The president. Bill Clinton to be exact.
    He looked like the coolest person. AND my innocent mind had no knowledge of the reasons behind his impeachment.
  3. Plastic surgeon
    Nip tuck, thank you for that
2 more...
  1. Hot cheeto puffs
  2. Trash tv on mtv/bravo
  3. Beer
2 more...
  1. Metallic bubble gum pink
    5 year old me in the 90's could do it. 25 year old me in 2015 unfortunately can't
  2. Yellow
    Favorite color! I'm not its' favorite person though
  3. White
    Great in theory, looks like white out in real life
2 more...
Because we can only use the "I had to stay and work late" reason so many times
  1. I don't want to
  2. I'm not feeling it
  3. No
  1. Not turning off location services on my phone
  2. Not using a third party search engine
  3. Not being paranoid about government surveillance
  4. Nothing work related
  1. A video of an elderly man giving dogs a ride in a tractor train
  2. Running out of honey to put in my tea
  3. Dropping my snickers to where it was out of reach
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