I hate losing things! I have a strange ability to keep tabs on most things I own. I know where they are at all times. This changed when I married someone who is my opposite. This got even worse when we added 2 children to our world! I call them the re-arrangers.
  1. 1. Hand knit emerald green cowl scarf.
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    This was the first project I have ever knit, it was cheap yarn to practice with, but it was my first, so I'll never forget it. I made one for each of my girls in different colors. Now one of my girls looks spoiled with one & the other overlooked in the cold. I now have a wrist condition that makes it hard to knit a replacement.
  2. 2. My husband's wahl electric clippers
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    We are members at Lifetime fitness & my husband does most of his daily grooming there. He tends to leave a trail.
  3. 3. My husband's Carhartt gray hoodie
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    It may sound silly, but this was no ordinary hoodie! This was an insulated hoodie that was seriously a radiator!
  4. 4. My Venture T-shirt blanket
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    I saved a bunch of t-shirts from hikes, climbs & bike tours we've done in the past. I didn't want to just hoard the t-shirts, so I paid too much for a quilt to be made out of them. That way they were going to still be used! We went on a road trip. Our youngest got sick & let's just say the blanket got quite dirty. It was accidentally left behind at a gas station during a cleanup. This was the first irreplaceable loss of the year.
  5. 5. My college t-shirt blanket
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    I saved T-shirts in a bin for over 10 years. I said I would sew a T-shirt quilt out of it. I finally sent them in to have one made because I had to admit I was never going to do it myself. All of the T-shirts from brother/sister floors, intramurals, college memories, & North Central University leadership were included. I had this blanket for approximately a week. I fear my 2 year old kicked it out of the bike trailer while it was moving. It's probably on the greenway somewhere. Irreplaceable.
  6. Zoli Bot sippy cup
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    This sippy cup is a marvel of engineering! I kept track of it for a long time! Perhaps it's an argument for some sort of leash attached between a cup & a stroller. Then again, we don't want any strangulation hazards do we!
  7. Kleen kanteen sippy cup
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    I like having a stainless steel reusable water bottle for each of us to use. This was lost outside of a pizza joint in the black hills. I called. It was not found.
  8. Bob dualie stroller with handle accessory strap
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    This one was the hardest & strangest loss. My husband was taking a load to the dump. He offered to take our double stroller from my car while I used the trunk space for another task. The stroller was set beside the truck while the other contents of the truck were removed at the dump. It was accidentally left as well. It has since been replaced. (Not without much kicking & screaming by said husband.) I still miss that accessory strap, but have a hard time paying what they're asking for it!
  9. The number of missing socks are endless!