My friends spend too much time obsessing over the newest Pilates + Yoga + Spin class while I'm over here trying to decide between ice cream or cookies while Netflixing
  1. Netflix can go on forever
    A work out class is only 45-60minutes
  2. You can multitask
    When was the last time you were in a work out class and you were able to text your bffs + paint your nails + bake a frozen pizza
  3. It's great for avoiding studying and adult things
  4. You can go on Pinterest
    Obviously this is necessary for all females ☝🏼️
  5. You can be in your underwear the entire time
  6. You can have all the acne cream on and no one will see you
  7. You can snuggle
    pillow, roommate, boyfriend, dog or yourself. Possibilities are endless
  8. You can watch Jax Teller for hours
    Hubba hubba 😍