Frannie, Kate and I went downtown for a birthday dinner and stopped at a used book store and a record shop! It was a great time. There were some great finds!
  1. Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith
    The movie synopsis intrigued me. I looked all over the bookstore for this novel until the last second when I found it in the Mystery section. I'm excited to read this. I really like Thrillers/Mystery.
  2. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
    The only novel in the series I was missing. The copy is very well cared for. I can't wait to indulge in the entire series.
  3. The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland
    A book I've been wanting to read since I saw it at work, but I didn't want to take it out on my library card. Copy is almost brand new. So crisp.
  4. Shake Hands With The Devil: the failure of humanity in Rwanda by Lgen. Roméo Dallaire with Major Brent Beardsley
    I know this one will be a tear-jerker. It's going to be interesting to read about his experiences in Rwanda. The whole genocide was so heartbreaking but very interesting for me to learn about.
  5. The Grownup by Gillian Flynn
    Originally published in an anthology compiled by George R. R. Martin. I liked Gone Girl, Dark Places and Sharp Objects so I am excited to see what she can do in a small story. It's only 62 pages long. The book design itself really caught my eye!
  6. Who's Next by The Who
    Was originally going to buy on iTunes when I found it in the record shop. Love love love the Who. Plus the track list for this CD is impeccable.
  7. Who's Greatest Hits by The Who
    Only two songs from Who's Next made this track list (surprisingly not Baba O'Reilly). I like what they've chosen on this list. Great car tunes.
  8. I was actually looking for Quadrophenia but didn't find it. I could always get it on iTunes now.
  9. Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band
    Classic. Plus it was only $3.
  10. Maybe You Should Drive by Barenaked Ladies
    There's just something about their sound that makes me love them. Plus: JANE!!!!
  11. The Beatles Anthology 3 by The Beatles
    All the greatest hits from the White Album to Let it Be. I have most of the songs but the way they mixed the songs up is unconventional and I like it. I should have bought all three sets, though. ☹️