My aunt was away so I cat-sat for her cat this week. Note: cat is as old as me (he's 18, I'm 19) here's a list of things that happened while I spent the week taking care of him
  1. Learned to turn on the taps in the sinks and bathtubs
    So he can get water...he hasn't learned to turn them off yet
  2. Jumped in the shower with me
    For water...
  3. Touched my arm when I got the hiccups to try to calm me down
    Every time that I hiccuped, he'd put his paw on my arm.
  4. Clawed me when I was trying to pet him
    He's kinda cranky that way.
  5. Vomited all over the place
    See: floor, bed (including sheets, duvet and mattress)
  6. Woken me up every morning at 4am without fail
    His meowing sounds like wails...even if we're sleeping in the same room
  7. Refused to eat his wet food
    And then gotten mad when I filled his dry food so he would have something
  8. Slept on my head
    Includes face scratching in my sleep
  9. Ruined my pants
    Because he likes to claw at me when I'm having meals. If you're hungry, eat the wet food!!!!!!
  10. Fallen off the bathroom counter
    He was doing some hardcore parkour and he overshot his jump and slid off...almost into the toilet