I work at a library. I put books away on the shelves and care for the material. Here are just SOME things that irritate me.
  1. When customers just leave books lying wherever
    I'm not sure if they've been checked out and left behind or they were just too lazy to put away.
  2. When customers follow me around the library, take stuff off my cart and then just put it wherever.
    At least put it back on the cart please.
  3. Chips.
    They are not a library-friendly food!!!!!
  4. Garbage stuck in the shelves when there is a garbage can 2 feet away from the shelf.
  5. Gum on books.
    Makes me want to cry my eyes out every time I touch a piece of ABC gum. 😭😭😭
  6. When a small child will come right behind me and mess up the shelf I JUST organized.
    That's mostly just my brain saying NO STOP IT'S NOT RIGHT. I love the fact kids are enjoying reading and using the library, but library etiquette should be followed.
  7. Getting hit on by 75 year olds.
    no, I will not thank my parents for making me. Please cease and desist.
  8. Loud teenagers that just sit at the tables to eat pizza.
  9. Pungent odours from food.
    When I'm on a long shift, there's nothing more that I want than pizza. Unfortunately, I can't eat the pizza that's 5 feet away from me while I'm shelving :(