Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

Here is a little bit about me:)
  1. I'm 12 years old
  2. I'm going into 8th grade
  3. My favorite animal is the elephant
  4. I'm 110% TØP trash :)
  5. I'm obsessed with Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, and basically music altogether
  6. I like to act
  7. I played the mer-sister Aquata in my school play The Little Mermaid Jr.
  8. fudge is nice
  9. my favorite show is AHS
  10. I have 3 husbands which are...
    Evan Peters, Tyler Joseph, and Josh Dun
  11. and that's all I can think of
  12. I'm kinda new to this app right now but I think I'll figure it out
  13. okay adios