When that song comes on and you can't help but think of that one time...
  1. Creature Fear-Bon Iver
    One time I dated a guy that had a beard, wore loafers, and loved to boast about how much black coffee he consumed. He introduced me to Bon Iver and I recall having the album 'For Emma Forever Ago' on repeat so I could somehow connect with this conceited and d-bag.
  2. Cigarette Daydreams-Cage the Elephant
    One time my sister and I went biking on Riverside and made this short video with this song playing. One day down the road I'm gonna watch this 1 minute video and it's gonna make me smile.
  3. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye-Luke Bryan
    One time I had a red neck boyfriend who had once asked me what my favorite song was and I named this song as if to impress him.
  4. Clean-The Japanese House
    One time this guy, my age at the time, that lived in the city next to me, died. I had never met him but I browsed through his social media sites and perused all of the things that people posted for him. He mentioned someone introducing this song to him and how much he had loved it. I weeped one night while listening to this, thinking about how many people loved him and how much potential his life had. I remember thinking that he could've created such a more impactful life than I could.
  5. 1985-Bowling for Soup
    One time I performed this song with my friends in my elementary school's talent show. This song reminds me of my childhood and reminds me that things have changed so much since then.
  6. My Neck, My Back-Khia
    One time I went to Disney with my volleyball team and we were all having a dance party in my room. This came on and we were laughing so hard while dancing to this explicit song. Now every time this song comes on I can't help but laugh.
  7. Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys
    One time I had a job at an elementary school. These two girls had a talent show coming up and they wanted to sing this song together so they showed me their routine every day just to practice.
  8. No Hands-Waka Flocka
    One time I went to a party in high school. Actually I went to several during my "crazy" stage before I realized partying was overrated. During every party this song would come on and everyone would get so hype. You could hear everyone cheer and singing loud, word for word.
  9. Rude-Magic
    One time I was driving in Hawaii on the coast, ocean on one side, mountain on the other. The windows were down and you could taste the sea in the cool breeze. My cousins and I had this song turned up loud and we were singing at the top of our lungs.
  10. Boom Clap-Charli XCX
    One time my friends and I snuck out to take a 2 hour road trip at 3 in the morning to go break into a "haunted" asylum and while we were driving back this song came on and one of the guys told us about his psycho ex-girlfriend and how she made him go watch The Fault in Our Stars (where this song came from).
  11. nEXt-Sevyn Streeter
    One time my friend and I listened to this song on repeat in her car, thinking about how dumb we were for going back to the same guys over and over again even though we always got hurt.