What makes you happy?

These are a few of my favorite things...
  1. It's one of my favorite things, being so lost in the pages of a book, and when you finally look up you realize that not a single person around you understands what just happened.
  2. Speaking of books... Harry Potter. 7 books, 8 movies. The amount of emotion I put into this world of love, war, family, friends, and power. The amount of tears and frustration. The journey is worth every word, every page, every book.
  3. Mom and I would go on sushi dates by ourselves quite often. We'd keep our dates a secret from my sister and my dad. I cherish these times, for I know that one day, when she's not around, I'll have these memories.
  4. Eating an Açaí bowl on the beach is just perfect. Literally that's all there is to say.
  5. My sister and I get smoothies from Jamba and go read on the riverside. The amount of joy that these days bring me is indescribable.
  6. Being sent flowers with heartfelt cards always win the heart over. Always.
  7. Jumping in bed after a long day. Or after a shower. Or after a large meal. Oh my.
  8. My best mornings seem to be the ones where I wake up at sunrise, my dog lying next to me, make a cup of tea, grab my bible, talk to God, reflect.
  9. Laughing, the kind that makes you feel like you just did a full length ab workout, fills your heart to its full capacity.
  10. Just being up in the air, being able to see such vast amounts of space, feeling so tiny, wondering what life below you is like at that moment.
  11. Can I say that a parfait is attractive? Or is that weird?
  12. If money wasn't such a big deal, I'd be a teacher.
  13. Sunsets, breathtaking every single time.