This list was almost impossible to come up with & this list will be my most adjusted one, depending on my mood.
  1. Dinner at the Castellanos
    I used to think "it was so cute, it made me nauseous" was just an expression dramatic people used. That was until I watched this episode and I literally gagged at the end because it was THAT beautiful.
  2. The Desert
    This one has a special place in my heart because OBVIOUSLY. It's also my most viewed episode because duh.
  3. Danny Castellano is My Personal Trainer
    I loved the message behind this episode. Everyone has insecurities but love the skin you're in. Yeah, Danny thinks Mindy is hot but most importantly, Mindy KNOWS she's hot.
  4. Pretty Man
    The shower scene is still one of my favorite Mindy & Danny scenes. And I also love jealous Danny in this episode!
  5. Danny Castellano is My Gynecologist
    I hated Danny Castellano so much. After I watched this episode, that hate turned into love & it's been love ever since!
  6. Confessions of a Catho-holic
    "I've never been happier about anything in my life."
  7. Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party
    The pact was so sweet and then Danny helped Mindy with her speech & I was like "Mindy and Danny forever!!!!!" Also, Morgan's karaoke machine only played songs in Spanish! (That's the best kind of karaoke, in my opinion)
  8. While I Was Sleeping
    The best season premiere of the series. The last 6 or so minutes are magical and beautiful and endearing and all the synonyms. And Morgan's wheelchair scene was A+ (I can't believe it was improvised!)
  9. C is for Coward
    BECAUSE YOU'RE A STONE COLD BITCH. The most romantic thing Danny has ever said after "I'd like to be wrong"
  10. Stay at Home MILF
    The funniest of season 4, so far. "Tits deep in a margarita"
  11. My Cool Christian Boyfriend & Santa Fe
    I think these are the funniest episode of the first season and they're tied.