A list of my fucking distractions
  1. I watched the latest episode of Casual
    That show is good, I recommend it! On Hulu.
  2. I reactivated my Facebook account
    My only Facebook friends are my aunts and they are so fucking annoying 🙄🔫
  3. I crossed the border to Mexico🇲🇽
    I can do this on the reg, I live in a border town. Just glad I didn't get shot.. The cartel murders like 100 people a day there.
  4. I bought (and ate) a yogurt parfait
    I spent 20 minutes picking out the raisins 👎🏽
  5. I bailed on my study group👋🏽
    Used this shitty excuse: sorry I can't go, I got a flat tire
  6. I desperately emailed my professor
    Asking him if he's offering any extra credit assignments because I might fail the quiz