1. Her sly transition from my disciplinarian to my best friend.
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    I feel like this happened overnight, my senior year of high school. Now, we're real tight.
  2. The fact that she will kick me out of the house if I ever get a tattoo.
    I pretend that this makes me mad but I'm thankful for it. This threat has saved me from many terrible tattoos I've thought about getting.
  3. How much she detests social media
    I love this because it means she won't read my tweets but it sucks because she won't read this list.
  4. How she always cooks a vegetarian version of everything
    Most moms don't care
  5. My mom could be watching her favorite movie or TV show but she'll always let me change the channel
    I would never do this for anyone so I appreciate it
  6. Her obsession with "Bye Felicia"
    She doesn't know what it is or where it's from but she ends all our phone calls with that phrase.