You know you go through phases of changing someone's name depending on your emotions?
  1. *Their given birth name*
    Actually a high honor coming from me to actually save your # under real name instead of a generic nickname. However, apparently that was flawed & they became upset I didn't call them by some gag worthy pet name
  2. Nerdofmylife
    Play on love of my life & I'm into nerds
  3. Cheatingfuckwad
    Speaks for itself
  4. *Deleted*
  5. Little Bitch
    Behavior was upsetting
  6. Cheatingfuckwad
    Must remind myself that my trust was betrayed
  7. Herpes
    He just won't go away
  8. Cheatingfuckwad
  9. Tonto
    I was being reeled back in but can't believe how stupid he is but I like him
  10. Cheatingfuckwad
  11. Tonto
    I love him
  12. Fucknugget
    Because I like him but am annoyed