I really wanted to test out the app. I installed it primarily to read awesome stuff from @bjnovak and @bobbyhundreds
  1. Le Tigre
    Closest emoji to my Ok Kimonos brand mascot
  2. All teeth
    This is actually how I smile. I am told to 'smile nice' at least 5 times before we can take any pictures.
  3. Wink face
    Allows me to say anything rude or sarcastic as long as it's followed by this guy. If I love you, I am most always both rude and sarcastic.
  4. Tiny Toilet
    My sons favorite scene from Despicable Me has made this a favorite between my wife and I.
  5. Coffee
    If this isn't in your Top 5, we may not be friends. At least not before 10am.