Fashion/Beauty Looks I'm Into

These are some of the fashion/hairstyles/makeup Im into. Enjoy ;)
  1. Off The Shoulder Dresses/Tops
    This a very classic look. I think it's very sexy, sensual and feminine but in a subtle way.
    I LOVE a good fur coat. It's makes one look and feel very elegant and luxurious
  3. The Lady in Red
    A woman wearing red is POTENT. In many cultures red has often been associated with passion, lust, romance, desire, heat, sexuality, seduction, and vigor. A red dress will have you putting men and women under a love spell.
  4. Backless Gowns
    A backless gown is also very sexy and gives that "nude" effect without looking tacky
  5. Long Hair
    I'm taking down to your butt hair. Makes every man and woman look like a celestial being. (us black girls look the best in long hair tbh)
  6. Big Curly Hair
    Wether it's super defined curly or frizzed out , big wild hair reminds me of my favorite decade. The 70s.
  7. The Red Lip
    Wearing a red lip is very sexy and seductive but don't overdo it. Don't wear it everyday, save the red lip for special occasions. This look is so iconic
  8. Sparkly Dress
    I don't need to explain this.?
  9. Thin Strappy Heels
    I love the look of thin strappy heels that show as much skin as possible. It's very chic and glamorous
  10. Thin Arched Eyebrows
    I don't mean pencil drawn like Jean Harlow but thin and even and slightly arched looks very feminine and beautiful, especially when every one is wearing that tired ass instagram makeup hoe boxy thick eyebrow look
  11. Glowing Dewy Skin
    Dewy skin gives a healthy youthful appeal
  12. Glossy Nude Lips
    I don't know why but glossy nude lips is such a cute look. It looks better on darker skin tones though.
  13. Tightly Fitted Gown/Dress
    A gown or simple dress that fits your curves looks so nice on a woman, especially if you have a thick or curvaceous body.
  14. Thigh High Boots
    Thigh high boots or just high boots are sexy and screams boss ass bitch. Especially if they are leather or latex.
  15. Leather Trench Coat
    Leather trench coats gives me 90s blade vibes. It makes you look like a sexy assassin
  16. Bardot Hair
    Brigitte Bardot's iconic updo looks so effortlessly sensual and beautiful. Also seen on Beyonce's iconic (and best) B'day album photos
  17. Dressed In All Black
    Dressing in black from head to toe makes you look very powerful