Fashion/Beauty looks that are atrocious and has got to go

Seriously, seeing people in these looks make my stomach turn. There is not excuse whatsoever to be wearing these looks
  1. China Bangs
    Seriously these bangs are SO ugly and shouldn't be worn by anyone. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this hairstyle even if you paid me a billion dollars. This hair style needs to be deleted from existence. Blac Chyna and Nicki Minaj always used to and sometimes still do wear this hairstyle and it just looks wrong. The only time front bangs are cute are when its that whole Bettie Page vintage pinup front bangs but other than that STOP WEARING THIS HAIRSTYLE.
  2. Basic White Girl Wispy Bangs
    Similar to the front bangs but usually the bangs are not as thick and a lot more wispy, the hair color tends to be in natural colors and the length is short to medium. Anyways every basic white girl who swears they are quirky and relatable but have the personality of a cardboard box is rocking this horrific hairstyle.
  3. Instagram Eyebrows
    The Instagram/YouTuber makeup guru thick and boxy drawn on eyebrows that every bitch who swears she's a MUA is wearing. This look was cute in the beginning but it's getting VERY old. It's like they copied and pasted these eyebrows on every famous Instagram hoe. You must have eyebrows that FITS your facial structure. This look makes my eye bleed
  4. Extreme Contouring
    Contouring has been around for decades but I'm talking about a very recent caked on contouring makeup look that like I said before every Instagram and YouTube makeup guru is wearing. I'm not a makeup expert but I think Kim Kardashian is the reason it's gotten so mainstream and shoved down our throats. Your highlight should not burn my irises. Make it look natural not like a clown
  5. See through boots
    These boots scream Kylie Jenner/ Kim Kardashian/ Instagram Hoe. These boots are seen on every Instagram "fashionista" and I'm sick of it.
  6. Nudes/Beiges/Pastels
    I call this the Instagram Hoe pallet. It's very basic and boring, it's like these fashionistas are scared of colors.
  7. White Boy Flippy Lettuce Hair
    I thought this hair style died in 2009 but apparently white boys didn't get the memo. Occasionally I see a white boy still rocking this monstrosity of a hairstyle and it makes me was to take an acid bath.
  8. Rockabilly Fashion
    Call me a hater IDC. This style always looks off. In my personal opinion vintage fashion NEVER looks good with tattoos. The overuse of polka dots makes me head spin. The only person who makes vintage fashion look good and realistic is DITA VON TEESE. She doesn't overdo it. She is the queen of vintage fashion because she doesn't make it look costume-ish. A lot of these rockabilly girls look like they are going to a vintage car show and it looks TACKY. Sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️
  9. 90s Revival
    I LOVE the 90s and this 90s revival was cute and fun at first but it's gotten out of hand. If your gonna revive the 90s at least revive the best parts of it? Like most of the 90s trends they are bringing back are the worst of the 90s. I'm sick and tired of seeing people talk about how the 90s was the best decade and how they miss it, when most of them weren't even alive or old enough to remember. I myself wasn't even old enough to remember it. Let's move on from the 90s. PLEASE