I'm very sensitive I'm a scorpio with my moon in 12th house so expect a crazy list
  1. moon phase
    whenever it's a full moon or leading up to it I'm really sensitive and my energy levels are low, I'm like a sponge who soaks up everything and tbh it's a burden bc I'm an emotional wreck
  2. lighting
    Not to sound like Mariah but fluorescent lighting is the WORST. If I was the president I would ban fluorescent lighting. It's too harsh, you can seek all the details in my face and I don't need that negativity in my life
  3. colors
    do I need to explain this?
  4. sounds
    I can't be in a crowded room with too many people making too much noise. Whenever I walk in the street I'm always jumping bc of those loud car horns, I hate loud music except when It's my music, I don't think I would ever be able to enjoy going to a club bc the loud music would give my a heart attack. THUNDER SCARES THE FUCK OUT OF ME
  5. Mariah Carey and Beyonce slander
    Don't disrespect the queens
  6. people's energy
    honestly people really drain my energy
  7. crowdy areas
    If it's a city like NYC that's different but a crowded closed room like a lunch caf or a classroom makes my nerves run high
  8. sleep
    Idk how people pull all nighters or don't take daily naps, it's what gets me through life
  9. bad vocals
    This may sound stupid but I'm a Mariah and Beyoncé fan so my standards are really high. I hate peoples with bad vocal techniques and just horrible voices (cough cough xtina)