Starting from September
  1. September
    Back to school month. My anxiety is high, it's not summer anymore. Depressing. Getting used to your classes. The weather is amazing tho. Not too hot but not cold. You can truly feel fall coming
  2. October
    One of my favorite months. Halloween my favorite holiday. Leaves start to change colors, weather starts getting colder. It's beautiful and there is not one thing I hate about this month
  3. November
    The cold HITS you. I don't know why but as soon as it's November 1st the weather drops like 15 degrees. Thanksgiving. Kind of an eerie month. More Halloween ish and scary than October lol. My birthday month. I think about the song the roof by Mariah Carey. One of my favorite months
  4. December
    Also one of my favorite month. Christmas. I love Christmas. The queen of Christmas makes her yearly comeback ❤️. It's such a beautiful month especially in colder areas. I don't mind the cold just for the holidays.
  5. January
    Very depressing month. After New Years holiday season is over and you come down from the holiday high, left with nothing but the bitter cold. Nothing to look forward. Very cold and lonely ?
  6. February
    The most irrelevant month. February is always a blur to me because its so bleak. Maybe it's because it's the shortest month? Valentines Day? But who even celebrates that lol
  7. March
    WORST MONTH EVER. The weather is shifting from winter to spring and can never pick its mind. One day it's cold the next day it's hot. Just an awkward time of the year.
  8. April
    Cute Month. End of school is near It's more spring, the weather is cute..... that's it ?
  9. May
    I don't know what goes on in May. It's like April part two. Also irrelevant like February.
  10. June
    First summer month. Not too hot. Lucky to be out of school. I'm from the jersey shore and this is when all the obnoxious New Yorkers start to infest these beach towns
  11. July
    Right in the middle of the summer. 4th of July. Worst time if you live in a beach town. Crowded, HOT.
  12. August
    Starts to realize that you're going back to school. Scrambling to buy back to school everything. Anxiety is high. Sad the summer is ending although I complained all summer. Starts to miss fall and can't wait for it. Kinda sad :/