Personality wise and Looks wise. This list is in no particular order. Enjoy :)
  1. A Clean Man
    My Virgo mars can't stress this enough please take care of your health and hygiene. Don't walk around smelling like you've just got out of an intense workout. Don't be afraid to have a skincare routine as well. BE CLEAN and HEALTHY. It's sexy.
  2. A Mature Man.
    I need a man who has experienced life and is very wise. This doesn't mean he has to be like 60 years old, but a man who has achieved self mastery is highly sexy.
    This may sound very shallow but please have a stable career. I don't mind dating a guy who is still getting his shit together but when it comes to MARRIAGE, my husband has to make good money and have a respectable stable career no ifs ands or butts. STABILITY is SEXY
  4. Intense Eyes
    I don't know about you guys but I personally find eyes the most attractive feature on anybody. On a man even sexier, eyes that are deep magnetic, intense and alluring will put me in a trance. Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender has some of the most sexiest eyes.
  5. Brutal Honesty
    Do I have to really explain this? A man who is honest about who he is and how he feels is attractive, no one likes pretenders.
  6. Subtle Masculinity
    I love masculine men but hyper masculinity is toxic. If your are subtle and non threatening with your masculinity then that's perfect. Don't try to fake it or shove it in my face because I will easily see through it.
  7. Sensitive/Emotionally Deep
    I don't want to sound like those fake deep cringy relationship goals posts but I need a man who FEELS if you know what I mean. I don't mean he has to be a crybaby, or a an emotional wreck but I'm very sensitive and I feel things to my core (I'm a Scorpio) so a man who understands that and relates would be KEY.
  8. Open Minded
    A non judgmental man who has an open mind and can be understanding and accepting of other people.
  9. Compassionate
    I need a man who cares about the suffering of others and cares about all the injustices that is happening in the world. I hate those people who can't talk about racism or issues like that bc they don't care or can't relate.
  10. Intelligence
    You don't have to be like Einstein but being well informed on an array of topics allows for good interesting conversations and even debates to take place (my moon is in aqua btw so convos are highly important to me)
  11. Height
    This is such a cliche for a straight woman but I want a TALL man. I'm 5'7 close to 5'8 and in heels im prob over 6 feet. Please be taller than me when I'm wearing heels.
  12. Private/Mysterious
    I don't want to sound like a typical Scorpio Venus but a man who doesn't give too much of himself away is HOT. I love when men are private it gives them a kind of alluring vibe. Plus if he's too open & I can figure him out in an Instant then that's boring and such a turn off. But don't be too closed ! Drop hints from time to time.
  13. Gentleman
    I love when men are chivalrous. BUT. When it's natural and not forced. It's clearly obvious when a man is trying to come off as a gentleman but doesn't actually mean it. This is not something that I feel men HAVE to be because I can easily open my own doors and pay for my meals (well... not meals) but it would be nice to be "taken care of" every now and then.
  14. Passionate
    I like when men are passionate for what they believe in and get aggressive in their speech. A better word would be aggressively passionate.
  15. Gentle
    Do I really have to explain? Don't be harsh or mean to me bc I can be very sensitive and emotional, being understanding and gentle will get him anything.
  16. Respect
    Respecting me, my space, my boundaries, and my emotions. Seeing me as his equal and nothing less. Talking to me in a respectful manner and I will do the same to him
  17. Humor
    My moon is in an air sign so anything that has to do with being witty and humorous would be perfect. We must have the same humor bc I wouldn't be able to be in a relationship if our humor is not the same
  18. AWOKE
    The word awoke has gotten really annoying but there is no other word to describe this. A man who is not a dense idiot and can see wtf is going on. Like if you think reverse racism is real then you gotta go sis. If you think colorism doesn't exist then don't bother being in my presence. I don't respond well to stupidity
  19. Emotional Intelligence
    A man who understand himself and his emotions and knows how to handle and express his emotions is ideal.
  20. Facial Structure
    This is not a MUST but I appreciate a man with a nice facial structure. Mads Mikkelson has one of the most strikingly beautiful facial structures I ever seen.