1. When people don't close the door to the room
    I think almost everyone can agree with that. SHUT THE DOOR
  2. When people leave the lights on
    I hate when people leave a room and don't turn the lights off especially when it's day time? Like words can't describe how this makes me crazy
  3. The sound of a running toilet
    After you flush and the toilet makes that horrific hissy sound. Oh god I'm going to black out if I think about it any longer
  4. Dirty kitchen
    My kitchen is not always clean, and I get it. Sometimes your too tired to clean the kitchen and that's ok but there are actual people who NEVER clean their kitchen and it's beyond me. CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN
  5. Sleeping in a lit room/lights while I'm sleeping
    Maybe I'm a vampire I don't know but I love and can only sleep in a DARK room. I can't have little fairy lights or any of that bs. Keep it dark
  6. Noise while I'm sleeping
    No noise, no radio, nothing. I want it dark and silent. I will actually yell at my family members if I'm sleeping and the TV is too loud in another room. The only noise I can tolerate is nature sounds like the rain, or the ocean.
  7. Loud Noise
    Whenever my sister is driving she's blasts music, and bad music at that, it drives me nuts. When people walk to loud, or talk too loud or do anything TOO loud ughhhhh.
  8. When men eat sloppy
    I hate when your eating next to a man and he eats like a pig. My god it's disgusting. Unfortunately men are ALLOWED to do this 😒
  9. Rihanna
    I really don't want to sound like a hater because Rihanna is beautiful and has cool fashion sense but her music and voice is TRASH I'm sorry. She can't sing and she sounds like a goat. Whenever I hear her music I actually want to vomit. She's pretty and light skin tho and that's all that matters right ? 🙄
  10. Sweat
    I hate sweating myself ughhh. But when other people are sweaty and come too close to you it should be a crime. Keep like 10 feet away from me thanks
  11. Stupidity
    I'm not saying you have to be intelligent like Einstein. But if you have NO common sense and your just doing and saying stupid shit then you need to go. I don't respond well with stupidity
  12. Low standards
  13. People who get TOO close
    I need my SPACE. Don't get too close. Like don't
  14. Touchy people
    Girls tend to be a lot more touchy and like just because we are both girls doesn't mean you can just touch me? I'm not an affectionate person and I wish people would understand how uncomfortable it makes me when they randomly hug me or rest their head on my shoulder.
  15. Repeating myself
    If I have to repeat myself more than once than I will get VERY annoyed.
  16. Extroverts
    I am the biggest introvert. When I get around an extrovert who is very open it's makes me uncomfortable lol.
  17. When people talk to me like I'm a child
    Doctors always pull this bullshit. I'm an adult omg
  18. When people make assumptions about me
    Every now I then I always come across a dingbat who assumes they know me and has me figured out. Of course that's until I check them and completely surprise them.
  19. One sided conversations
    I love a good conversation and when I'm trying to talk to someone about something and all they reply is "mhm" "cool" "oh wow" without actually giving their input and engaging that's when it's my time to stop and walk away.
  20. Silent treatment
    This is so annoying and unnecessary. If you have a problem then tell me. Other than that I'm not going to deal with you and would much rather not even be in the same room as you.
  21. Small talk
  22. Nosy People
    People who want to know everything there is to know about you and have respect of privacy. Mind your business
  23. Clumsy people
    Sometimes I can be clumsy but I'm talking about those people where everywhere they go they always break something or bump into someone. It's very obnoxious.
  24. FORCED social interactions
    If I don't want to be around you then you will NOT want to be around me. You will KNOW if I don't want to be there or don't like you. It's hard for me to contain my look of boredom. Being forced to socially interact will drain the fuck out of my energy
  25. Skeptics
    I'm sorry but if you don't believe in possibility of conspiracies, ghosts, myths, the occult then we will have a hard time clicking
  26. Leaving cabinet doors open
    Makes the kitchen look bad. CLOSE IT