Don't get mad. This might get really controversial
  1. Rihanna
    Her music is garbage and her vocals are even worse. She is not an artist at all. All she does is make "fun" music, but after a while "fun" music gets very repetitive and old. Whenever she tries to make slow sad songs it doesn't come off genuine. Imo the reason for her success and popularity is because she is a skinny light skinned pretty girl with green eyes. If Rihanna was darker and thicker no one would care tbh. She's never released a solid body of work bc she doesn't have the range.
  2. Channing Tatum
    There is nothing even remotely attractive about him. He looks like a thumb. You bitches need to stop hyping him up. Channing Tatum, Chris Evans, Zac Efron, Adam Levine and a plethora of other white male celebs get praised simply for being buff white males let's be honest. If they weren't white and buff no one would be going as hard for them.
  3. Patti LaBelle's Voice
    Patti LaBelle is an amazing vocalist she can do a lot with her voice and has a good vocal technique. But her vocal tone is absolutely horrendous. She sound like a cackling witch and after like 3 seconds of her singing it's unbearable.
  4. Christian Aguilera's Voice
    Christina Aguilera can't sing. People are convinced that she is this powerhouse vocalist when she is far from that. Her vocal technique is trash. Her "soulful" tone is not genuine and she tries too hard to sound like a soulful black women *cough cough Etta James*. She is also very cocky about her 'abilities'. If she got her head out of her ass and maybe got a vocal coach and learned to properly sing she would've been REALLY good, but too late! haha. Her voice is very agile, I'll give her that.
  5. Having Kids doesn't always equal happiness
    Im not saying having kids mean you will be miserable. But a lot of people especially women think that having kids is like the ultimate goal in life. When it shouldn't be the ultimate goal. Again I'm not saying having kids is bad, some people want to have kids and that's ok. But I can't even count how many women I seen and read about online who had kids bc that's they are "supposed" to do but immediately regretted it after. Don't have kids unless you TRULY want to and are able too.
  6. Having kids doesn't make you stronger
    There are a lot of mothers who think they are better and stronger than other women because they gave birth and raised kids. These women have plagued Facebook and made me despise mommy culture with everything in me. I don't care about your stupid children or how hard it is to be a mother. Your devoid of an actual personality bc you live and breathe in that toxic mommy culture.
  7. Avocados
    Avocados are TRASH. The taste and texture are 🤢🤢🤢
  8. Beyonce
  9. Lana Del Rey
    Listen I tried. She's beautiful and her vocal tone is really nice but her music is sooooo boring. I really did try but I just can't get into it. She's a snooze fest. Plus her fans are even worse. Lana Del Rey fans consists of obnoxious white gays and fake deep white girls with the personality of a cardboard box. Plus her lyrics don't make sense at all. But of course it's hyped up by her annoying fans.
  10. Azealia Banks
    I think Azealia Banks is one of the best artists of this generation. She is what the music industry needs. Her music is amazing and fresh. But too bad she doesn't know how to act and is transphobic :///. She had so much potential but ruined it.