1. My Nice Head Of Hair
    Silky smooth, big, and nice, this part of my body makes all the people who pass by me on the street shout "Okay! Now that's what I am talking about!"
  2. Good Eyes
    Blue like pools and round like some pools, these babies are real good eyes that allow me to see all sorts of things, like billboards
  3. The Strong Bones
    They are sturdy and I start every day off with a loud promise to not break ANY of them
  4. My Little Hands
    I wish they were bigger but that's okay
  5. Smooth But Also Rough Skin
    It is smooth in some parts but also rough in a lot of parts. The ratio is probably 1:2 (The Gentleman's Ratio)
  6. Fingers
    Point! Point! Point! Just a little taste of my fingers in action, doing what they do best.
  7. My Teeth
    I call them "The Crunchers" because of the good way they make food nice and small before it goes inside the rest of my body
  8. Heart
    "Blood Pumper" "The Love Bone" "Red Heart" -- it's not my favorite body part, but whatever you want to call it, it is keeping me alive and allowing me to enjoy the other body parts like hair