Favorite Pieces of Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art I Have Saved on My Phone

Every couple of weeks I get bored and search for Sonic the Hedgehog fan art to send to my best friend since middle school because he hates it. Here are my favorites that I still have on my phone.
  1. In my time doing this I have noticed that there are two discernible Sonic fan art sub-genres. The first and best is Christian Sonic.
  2. The second of the two Sonic sub-genres. Michael Jackson memorials.
  3. Sonic showing up at Timmy Turner's (from the mid-2000s Nickelodeon cartoon The Fairly Oddparents) funeral.
    For a while I thought that he had a yo-yo but later realized it was just a wheel of the casket. I was very disappointed.
  4. More Michael Jackson
    I like this one because you find out Sonic's middle names.
  5. Mad Sonic
  6. More Christian Sonic
  7. Gun Sonic, The Sonic With A Gun
  8. Sonic being dumped for Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.
  9. More Christian Sonic. This time he's Jesus.
  10. One final Michael Jackson memorial...rest in peace Michael...