1. Cash
    The old stand-by, the green paper we love to touch and spend
  2. The Big Bucks
    Oh yeah, now we're talkin, talkin about a little thing called The Big Bucks
  3. Cold Hard Cash
    The only thing I care about and the only thing I need is the sweet cold hard cash, baby
  4. Some Loose Coins
    Nothing makes me feel like more of a big shot then when I've got a whole bunch of loose coins jingling around in my enormous pockets
  5. E-Money
    I love to go online and spend E-Money on my favorite online products like a nice coat
  6. The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Dollar
    Thank you President Grant for being in the Army. I honor your service by spending the money with your big face on it
  7. Sweet Green
    Couldn't leave off Sweet Green!