These are the one million dollar ideas. Use these ideas to receive one million dollars.
  1. A presidential candidate who can fit in the palm of your hand
  2. An airline where the Pope always greets you onto the plane, usually by saying "Welcome to the sky, it's the Pope."
  3. Lip balm that was pre-used by a brave astronaut
  4. A beach ball you can use at sea
  5. Apps
  6. A painting of Peyton Manning looking at a football as if he's never seen one before
  7. Batting gloves for the working man
  8. A skateboard that shrieks "Is it Tony Hawk who is currently standing on my body?" after you perform a nice trick
  9. Children's Salt
  10. A TV channel that does not specialize in bugs
  11. The sound a basketball makes when it goes through the hoop and only touches net, no rim.
  12. World peace