Boy would I love to have some of these nicknames
  1. The Home Run Prince
    "When is The Home Run Prince getting to our dinner party? I hope he arrives soon, and brings stories of long dingers." they'd say
  2. Mr. One Million Dollars
    "Paper or plastic, Mr. One Million Dollars?" they'd say
  3. America's Nicest Young Man
    "Look at how fast America's Nicest Young Man can run. Very fast." they'd say
  4. Brendan From The Old Neighborhood
    "I wonder whatever happened to Brendan From The Old Neighborhood? I bet he's strong now." they'd say
  5. Strong
    "There's Brendan From The Old Neighborhood! And he's strong now, so we will call him Strong." they'd say
  6. Mr. Big Time And Also A Great Guy
    "We should invite Mr. Big Time And Also A Great Guy to our dinner party, because of his nickname. I think we should call him The Home Run Prince too." they'd say
  7. Shemp
    "Hey, Shemp." they'd say
  8. Ol' Wisdom
    "Please bestow upon on us some of your wisdom, Ol' Wisdom! Give us your knowledge of strength and speed!" they'd say
  9. Not Banned From The Bronx Zoo
    "I am so glad we get to call you Not Banned From The Bronx Zoo again!" they'd say
  10. Dr. Dynamo
    "Sure, I'll call you Dr. Dynamo." they'd say
  11. Johnny Big Wave
    "Surf is up, Johnny Big Wave! Do what you do best on the enormous wave, the town needs to cheer for something!" they'd say
  12. Ron 'Louisiana Lightning' Guidry
    "You seem like the type of guy who'd strike out 18 batters in a game for the Yankees in the 1970's, so your nickname is now Ron 'Louisiana Lightning' Guidry" they'd say