This is a real short film that Mr. Clean made, for the fans who needed to know more about the enormous bald cleaning man:
  1. The Baby Mr. Clean Who Randomly Appeared On A Couple's Doorsteps One Day
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  2. The Mr. Clean Who Went To Those Caves In France With The 30,000 Year Old Paintings
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    This picture doesn't show it, but Mr. Clean is in a cave looking at paintings, except all the figures in the paintings are holding mops. It is implied that Mr. Clean committed serious vandalism on the paintings, I think.
  3. The Child Mr. Clean
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  4. The College Student Mr. Clean
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  5. The Mr. Clean Who Is A Genius
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  6. The Mr. Clean Who Wants To Travel, As Evidenced By The Way He Touches A Globe
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  7. The Mr. Clean Who Is Friends With An Old Woman
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  8. The Middle School Mr. Clean, Who Has Friends Even Though He Loves Mops More Than Bikes
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  9. The Mr. Clean Who Is Learning His Craft, And Becoming Serious About His Craft Too
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  10. The Mr. Clean Who Waves At Boats
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  11. The Mr. Clean Who Wanders Around A Field
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  12. The Mr. Clean Who Needs Nourishment
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