The Godfather of the greatest trilogies of all-time, and one that is full of great quotes.
  1. "I am the big mafia man, and I don't stand for no crap!"
  2. "This horse head in my bed...I mean, it's gotta go."
  3. "Let's hear it for good friends, great family, and amazing times!"
  4. “Real Italians do not shout ‘That’s-a spicy meatball!’ after they finish eating a meatball, EVEN if it is spicy as all hell, EVEN if the spice makes them want to scream and shout. Do you understand?”
  5. "Why am I a big mafia man? Well, for starters, I love to hold, and shoot, guns."
  6. “This is a family business, just like the New York Yankees, who I assume are all brothers and all sleep in the same big bed.”
  7. “Today is the day of my daughter’s wedding. Fantastic."
  8. “Fredo, my oldest brother, I have given you the big mafia kiss. By doing so, I have ensured your death. When you die you will go to hell, and oh man, are you gonna hate it there.”
  9. “The horrible plumbing man ‘Mario’ is a poor representation of Italians, and he will not be played in this house.”
  10. “Vegas, Cuba…this Big Mafia Man has been all around the world, which is why I am stepping down as the Big Mafia Man and giving the title to my terrifying son, the boy who truly scares me and who I just hate being around.”