1. When you want to be taller but know you can't handle the responsibility of being a tall person
  2. When you slam dunk a basketball so hard it changes your life and the lives of everyone who saw your mighty dunk
  3. When you are doing karate and you try to shatter a board but end up just shattering your hand
  4. When you look at a mountain and think "This would look a lot better if four president heads were on it"
  5. When you try to get yourself in a 127 Hours type scenario to become famous but your hiking ability makes it impossible for you to screw up
  6. When you face your fear of roller coasters for the first time but at the top of the first hill you're able to see your entire family on the ground get punched by various mascots in different spots all around the park
  7. When the President looks you straight in the eyes and tells you he wishes he had the authority to order you to march into the goddamn ocean
  8. When you buy a bunch of soil and later realize you don't need any soil and are going to have to add it to the big pile of soil in your backyard that keeps getting bigger and bigger because you keep forgetting you don't need to buy soil.
  9. When you see a bunch of ants eating some food and you go out and buy the ants a big ham because you want their food to be fresh
  10. When on your 21st birthday you take that first sweet sip of ice cold beer and start screaming out of joy because the ice cold beer is better than you could have ever dreamed