Requested by @jakefogelnest. Thanks Jake. This is a perfect way to reveal some of the initiatives I plan on instituting in the next 3-6 months that focus on me becoming an even nicer young man.
  1. I will wear lighter shoes so I am never tempted to put the pedal to the metal and drive over the speed limit
  2. Once a week I will buy a pair of roller skates and leave them in the middle of Washington Square Park, for the kids
  3. I will stop taunting the horrible bland O cereal "Cheerios" on social media
  4. I will become humble and down-to-earth
  5. I will start seeing every movie currently playing in my local movie theater, out of respect
  6. I will start carrying around water bottles, so that I can fill up any empty bird baths
  7. I will not wear a leather jacket, and I also will not slick my hair back in an intimidating fashion
  8. I will become much stronger, in hopes that being just a really strong guy will make me nicer, for some reason.
  9. I will start introducing myself as "A nice polite young man who will never be on the news for a bad reason"
  10. I will send my local congressman a letter asking him to formally recognize me as the nicest young man in his district.