Recently had an event at my house to celebrate the Library Foundation's latest book project: To Live and Dine in LA. Here's what we ate that night.
  1. Chicken and Waffles from Roscoes
  2. Hickory Burgers from the Apple Pan
  3. Tuna Tartare from Chaya Venice
  4. Chili Cheese Dogs from Pink's
  5. Egg Rolls from the Golden Deli
  6. Chopped Salad from La Scala
  7. French Dip from Philippe's
  8. Short Rib Taco from the Kogi Truck
  9. Marinated Short Ribs from Soot Bull Jeep
  10. Dumplings from Din Tai Fung
  11. Guacamole from El Cholo
  12. Black and White from Canter's
  13. Moo Ping from Saladang Song
  14. Sushi Platter from Sugarfish
  15. Assorted Tacos from Guisados
  16. Bacon Donuts from Nickel Diner
  17. Brioche Toast and Jam from Sqirl
  18. Cheese Boreg from Wexler's
  19. Churros from La Casita Mexicana
  20. Garlic Knots from Pizzeria Mozza
  21. Mushroom, Squash Blossom and Gruyere Pizza from Gjelina
  22. Veggie Burger from Real Food Daily
  23. Assorted Cupcakes from Sprinkles
  24. slippery shrimp from yang chow
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  25. Not So Fried Chicken- Mendocino Farms
    Suggested by @nikkiwerner