1. Broxton Lot in Westwood
    Especially after a premiere - you can almost feel your car depreciating while you sit there.
  2. Whole Foods Venice
    It always feels as if my car grows a few sizes here AND the spots are shrunken at the same time.
  3. Back of the Stack Parking at the Bowl
    Pack a picnic for the show and pack another meal so you don't starve as you wait the eternity it takes to get out of there.
  4. Any Bank Building Downtown
  5. Costco in Culver City
  6. Back of the Stack Parking at the Greek
    See Bowl Comments.
  7. Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Cinespeia
    It is more the line and hovering you have to do than the parking...if you get a spot.
  8. All of Santa Monica
    It's not just finding a spot; it is figuring out if your DNA qualifies you to park there.