1. Get off the bus
  2. Walk home
  3. Unlock the door
  4. open the door
  5. go inside the door
  6. close the door behind me
  7. put my backpack down
  8. take my shoes off
  9. walk to the couch
  10. sit down on the couch
  11. turn on the tv
  12. watch tv (usually Disney or Nick)
  13. do stuff on my phone
  14. go to whatever activity I have
  15. come back home
  16. eat dinner
  17. watch tv more
  18. do more stuff on my phone
  19. go to my room
  20. do even more stuff on my phone
  21. brush my teeth
  22. lay in bed
  23. stay up on my phone for a while
  24. put down my phone
  25. think about life
  26. go back on my phone
  27. put my phone down again
  28. try to fall asleep
  29. actually fall asleep at about 1:30am