I'm at the gym! Let's see what people didn't mean for me to hear today! People assume you're not listening when you have headphones in your ears!
  1. A young and exceedingly hot couple standing in the sauna after a workout.
    Girl: I'm getting hungry...Boy:I'm not buying food...Girl: I didn't ask you to buy food, I just said I'm getting hungry.
  2. Two middle aged white women on side by side treadmills.
    Woman1: I'm not sure what he wants, I just told him to get medication, it's not my problem anymore....Woman2: It's pretty easy to get that prescription these days too. He's over 50, they dole that out like survival kits. (Laughter ensues)
  3. Man muttering to himself at the dumbbell rack.
    "You got this, you got this, you got this, you got this...*lifts 40lb dumbbell*...yeeeeeeeeeeee"