Went to see this on a Monday night at 10:45pm on my spring break & the night somehow didn't end with me killing myself
  1. Leslie Mann is a treasure
  2. Allison Brie is better than this movie
  3. Correction: everybody is better than this movie
    Jason mantzoukas? Jake lacy? Rebel Wilson? Anders holm? Come onnnn
  4. They have said how to be single approximately 17000 times so far
    15 mins into the movie
  5. Throwing SHADE at Bridget jones' diary & Sex and the City
  6. I have laughed 0 times
    45 mins into the movie
  7. Just fell asleep for 5 minutes and Allison Brie is being dumped by Colin Jost in Grand Central Station
  8. This is not a feminist movie, but because it's not trying to be, it is?
    I stand by this 100%
  9. People in this theatre are taking this movie way too seriously
    Granted they're all high school girls that DEF snuck in
  10. This movie is 1.) not great 2.) made be roll my eyes HUNDREDS of times
    But I loved it?
  11. left the theatre feeling the most empowered I've ever been after leaving a Dakota Johnson movie