9 Photos on My Phone, Blizzard Edition

A small uninteresting story of how the DC blizzard has treated us.
  1. <Wednesday night> we started here with a little tease. Aww it's so sweet. (Some) snow!
  2. <Friday afternoon> We went to the roof to document the beginning of the weekend blizzard, still *fun*
  3. <Saturday morning> Things quickly devolved because of cabin fever. (But look at the lighting! Thanks Snowbama!)
  4. <Saturday afternoon> Exploration became necessary. But, not so fun because of "Gail force winds" 😳
  5. <Saturday afternoon> And here's poor Topanga (the car, not the human)
  6. <Sunday morning> A new day! Pancakes and Enneagram obsessions.
  7. <Sunday afternoon> We wandered past our street because it turned out to be a beautiful day! Despite the fact that most sidewalks are not cleared. My hip flexers hurt from climbing over snow.
  8. <Sunday afternoon> We got to see people *so exhilarated* to sled down Capitol Hill. Congress just passed a bill to make it legal this year 😂
  9. <Sunday night> We grabbed soup from our grocery store (that happened to be open) and made our way back. Way too much exploration. We'll have to compensate for an all day Netflix situation tomorrow, I guess. 💁🏻