These are some of the artists/songs that have had made an impression on my life.
  1. Elvis Presley
    My mom had a box of Elvis 45 records that I'd listen to as a kid, and sometimes she'd dance with me to them while my older siblings were at school.
  2. Hank Williams Sr.
    Not sure why, but his songs always make me think of my dad, who was larger than life.
  3. Joy to the World
    I remember singing this song with my cousins in their basement on a makeshift stage, and we used an old champagne cork as our microphone.
  4. Rappers Delight
    My first introduction to rap, back in the late '70s, my best friend and I memorized the lyrics and sang it constantly.
  5. Rod Stewart
    I listened to his Do you think I'm Sexy album over and over...and 35 years later I still own it. Yes, he was and still is sexy.
  6. Mockingbird Lullaby
    Singing this to my kids was a nightly ritual, a quiet time to relax and snuggle.
  7. Dirty Dancing soundtrack
    After watching the movie, my bestie and I listened to the album and wished a man like Patrick Swayze would sweep us off our feet. This after realizing I'd married the wrong man.
  8. Unchained Melody
    Played at the reception of my marriage to the right man. This was almost 25 years ago.
  9. Hotel California
    We have sung this song, repeatedly, on every road trip we have taken. My husband is a fantastic singer, which is good because it covers up my terrible singing.
  10. Wilson Phillips
    I found out from my daughter that every time she hears this group, it brings back wonderful memories for her. Which really meant a lot to me when she told me.
  11. Sublime
    This entire album, titled after the band, brings back manny memories of when we lived in Hawaii and my kids were in high school. We'd listen to this music pretty much every day and it still takes me back to when we were all still under one roof.
  12. Jack Johnson
    What can I say, he will always remind me of my life on the island, my island. Besides, I think he got the idea for his banana pancakes song from me. 😉
  13. I've Been Working on the Railroad song
    When my grandkids were babies and came for an extended visit, I'd sing this song to them every night, so they'd fall asleep in my arms. Years later I named my chihuahua Dinah, after the verse, "someone's in the kitchen with Dinah". My grandkids love that dog, lol.
  14. Royals
    Singing along with my granddaughter, I realized she's a lot like me, she makes up her own lyrics to what she hears. Me: "diamonds on their tiny teeth", instead of "timepiece ". Her: "they call me green beans", instead of "queen bee". We have had some good laughs over this.
  15. Over the Rainbow by Bruddah Iz
    This was my favorite song of his, and after his death, I watched his funeral procession go across the island back in '97. When my mom passed, my son made a tribute video of her, with this song playing. So, as beautiful as it is, this song always breaks my heart, but it's still my favorite.