We've all had a favorite show that we thought everyone else loved and then poof it was gone. How could such an awesome piece of entertainment just be gone like that? Please feel free to comment on your favorite, I'm curious to see what I may have missed.
  1. SU2
    Special Unit 2 was a cops and aliens show, along the lines of Men in Black, but only better. Where else can you see a cop always fighting his troll partner? So much weird and funny stuff going on in this show.
  2. Firefly
    Okay, before you give me a hard time for not making this one first on the list, we can all agree that this show should still be on the air. Even the lead, Nathan Fillion has said he wished it still was, too. The only consolation is that he is now on Castle, which cross your fingers, will keep being made until he's a forgetful old writer.
  3. Sliders
    This show was originally cancelled during the first season. We just so happened to be a Neilson family, so were able to persuade them to bring it back for several more seasons. I think it was a great show, as long as Jerry O'Connell was involved. Btw, a Neilson family (for those of you too young to remember), was a random family chosen to keep track of everything they watched for a month, in a diary that was then taken into consideration by the networks, as a general consensus of viewers.
  4. Gilmore Girls
    A witty show about a quirky mom and smart daughter, (and their funny friend Sukie), that showed what an amazing talent Melissa McCarthy was, long before she became such a huge star. Recently found out that they're considering a half dozen or so episodes as a reunion special. Keep your fingers crossed. Hope all the characters show up!
  5. X-Files
    Not much explaining needed on this one. The movie didn't do the show justice, so hopefully the reboot will.
  6. The Almighty Johnsons
    This was a New Zealand show about Norse gods. We watched it on Netflix recently and were sad that it only lasted 3 seasons, and ended 2 years ago. It was a thoroughly good show, with a great cast, kudos to the casting director. Too bad that the last season they kind of rushed it to a finale, it just seemed like there could have been so much more. If you haven't seen it, I recommend a binge session, it's worth it.
  7. True Blood
    Hmm, Joe Manginello. Oh right there were other characters, too. I have put off watching the last season, I just don't want it to end, but I won't be able to put it off any longer, especially since I've seen the spoilers now. Yeah, I'm procrastinating.