If tagged, you are now obligated to be my friend.
  1. Tops list. Just finished second book. Brilliant, hilarious, beautiful- the trifecta. Plus I love your wardrobe.
  2. Your writing is so detailed and nuanced. It's what I once aspired to put on paper. You're just all around awesome.
  3. I freaking LOVE you. Will you come to my wedding and yell Mazel?
  4. Rihanna
    Like an enigma cloaked in mystery sprinkled with diamonds and cannabis. So intriguing!!
  5. The only man I would ever cheat on my fiancé for. And then his wife would kick my ass.
  6. Lindsay Lohan and/or Amanda Bynes
    I just have to know what's going on in there... Though I feel I might be disappointed.
  7. No explanation necessary.