Hopelessly optimistic zebra is my spirit animal #ehlersDanlos
  1. I can take as many naps as I want and no one will question me.
    That's right. I'm tired. Again. Good night!
  2. Party tricks! I can snap, crackle and pop on command.
  3. Super soft skin. And I look 18 at 32.
    Messed up collagen for the win!
  4. I can cancel ANY plans I want.
    "Sorry, having an off day" aka I'd rather stay home and binge watch Gilmore Girls than play with your child.
  5. You find out who your real friends are pretty quickly.
    They're the ones who don't mind listening to you talk about genetics or whine about faulty joints.
  6. I teach doctors something new all the time!
    Most haven't treated anyone with my illness and are genuinely curious.
  7. It teaches you to be grateful for all of the ways you *are* healthy and the blessings in your life.