I'll try my best to do this chronologically.
  1. Huffy BMX
    It was red, had a coaster brake and the bicycle I learned to ride on!
  2. General Hustler Pro Freestyle BMX
    I attempted to do flatland "freestyle" tricks on this fuchsia beauty.
  3. Cannondale M300
    Headshok and purple anodized accessories. My intro to MTB.
  4. Spooky Darkside
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    This was the ultimate single track MTB. Full Ringle parts, Magura Raceline hydraulic rim brakes and XT/XTR. The bicycle out valued my car, at the time.
  5. Haro Master
    1987!!! "Rescued" this at UConn from becoming a pile of rust.
  6. Serotta Nova Special X
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    My first road bike. The paint wasn't original and it was kind of a hodge-podge of parts. It was sold to me with Spinergy Rev-X wheels. Yikes!
  7. Colnago Dream
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    Rabobank livery, full Dura Ace, this bike one upped the awesomeness that I felt when I first got my Spooky.
  8. Bianchi Pista
    Flat black with Celeste logos and accents. It was steel and a size too big.
  9. Bianchi Pista Concept
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    This was back when they still put the year in the model name- 2005.
  10. Blue CX 5.5
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    This was the first of two Cyclocross bikes that I bought and sold w/o ever racing CX.
  11. Seigler
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    My first carbon frame. I was super pumped on the ultra fat carbon tubes, lightweight and stiffness.
  12. Redline Conquest Pro
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    CX bike #2 that became a commuter until I sold it w/o having raced it.
  13. Sommerville Sports by CSK
    Back to aluminum. 1 of 2, this one was black. Great race bike!
  14. Colnago Dream Pista
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    The Pista Concept replacement. The second (of 3) Rabobank Colnagos I've owned.
  15. Sommerville Sports by CSK
    White version.
  16. Surly Crosscheck
    Awesome single speed commuter that I pilfered the Spooky of some parts for. Had a great dent in the top tube.
  17. Independent Fabrication SSR, Rapha Edition
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    Stainless steel, remains the sweetest bike I've ever owned and will never part with.
  18. Independent Fabrication Steel Deluxe
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    Harlequin paint! Bought this, didn't ride it and sold it. I wish I had it now : (
  19. Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel, Kissing With Helmets Edition
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    I rode this across the U.S. from Portland to BK with the amazing Edie Perkins. She has one too, I hope neither of us ever parts with ours.
  20. Specialized Crux
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    FINALLY, a CX bike that I raced! In the legendary Skittles paint scheme.
  21. Cannondale Supersix
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    W.S. United team bike. Back to carbon. Stolen in Silverlake spring of 2013. This still saddens me greatly.
  22. Linus Roadster
  23. Colnago Classic
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    Another Rabobank livery that should theoretically fit me. I don't know for sure, as I've never truly ridden it.
  24. Ritte Bosberg 3.0
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    Replaced my Supersix and outperformed it.
  25. Ritte Crossberg
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    Another CX bike that I managed to race. It had some killer purple anodized parts.
  26. Specialized Allez
    Great colors and Smartweld technology. I really should ride this gem!