A good part of my childhood was spent either playing with toy cars, looking at pictures of them and watching movies that featured fast and exotic cars from the 80's. One of my favorite movies with these characteristics was "The Cannonball Run." It depicts a number of cars and drivers in an illegal race across the U.S. for a cash prize.
  1. There wasn't prize money to drive ~850 miles through southern and central California with a bunch of buddies.
  2. 20 exotic sports cars (in this case Porsches) showing up anywhere or being seen together is a sight worth documenting, for both those participating and random witnesses.
  3. While they don't always employ guile and sultry outfits, women drive fast cars fast.
  4. Just because a non-highway road is lightly traveled and wide open doesn't make driving 100+ mph on it less terrifying.
  5. Cops aren't as concerned with pulling over or ticketing a group of spirited drivers as you think.
  6. The Cannonball Run would have gained exposure with hashtags. Check out #robinsrally2015
  7. It's apparent that an actual rally versus a movie about one has more likeminded and similarly positioned individuals. No one was actually crazy, excessively rich or a self proclaimed Dr. injecting himself with unknown substances. Oh, no one was drinking the enter time, nor pretending to be anyone other than who they were at any point, either.
  8. Driving your sports cars on dirt roads has its pluses and MINUSES.